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Operator Services

USIC Payphone operator services commissions rates are why our clients stay with us. The pay phone industry has been experiencing a decline due revenues lost to mobile and calling card providers. So getting every bit of revenues from your telecom products is most important. Pay Phone Owners are in need so we have put together a commission rate packages that will help to gain back lost revenues

International Calling

All calls are billed in six second increments from the first six seconds. Our rates vary but typically, we can offer a $.029 flat rate to most countries, except where we terminate to mobile, which is usually at a higher rate. We use DID’s, Toll Free and Equal access for our origination, depending on the requirements of the client. All of the calls are terminated VOIP as all carriers do today.

Payphone Programming

Are your payphones up to date with the latest local calling area rates.Do you need to change the settings on your payphone(s) ie.. rate or time limits charged on your payphone.Are you vunerable to fraudulent calls? Proper programming will help prevent fraudulent calls from happening. Protel & Elcotel programming available. Free for our VIP clients.

Low NDA 411 rates

We offer an automated response system second to none with a live operator option in the event that the automated operator cannot understand the customer or experiences difficulty in providing a complete number

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